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Our Story

The concept of a "#GardenBreak" isn't new to social media, but its impact is timeless. It embodies the universal experience of rejuvenation and tranquility that people often feel when immersed in nature—whether that's tending to vibrant flower beds, harvesting fresh produce, or simply taking in a stunning landscape.


For Perla Sofía, her journey with the #GardenBreak initiative began as a personal transformation. She broke away from the unhealthy notion that being self-employed meant working tirelessly, late into the night and over the weekends, just to keep pace with life. Her passion took a more focused direction after completing her studies in Horticultural Therapy. Empowered with specialized knowledge, she strategically incorporated nature-based activities to not only enhance her personal well-being but to also serve others.


Through extensive research, reading, and practice, Perla Sofía has come to understand and champion the importance of short, rejuvenating breaks—especially those spent in nature. She has found these moments invaluable, not just for personal recharging, but for professional growth as well.


Recognizing the need for a dedicated platform to discuss and promote this invaluable concept, Perla Sofía began to advocate for the #GardenBreak initially via Agrochic—a respected platform about gardening lifestyle and wellness. Now, she's expanding this advocacy into an independent space, designed to share not only her own practices and insights but also those of others who may be seeking to reduce stress and find balance in their busy professional lives.


With heartfelt empathy and a genuine desire to impact change, Perla Sofía extends an invitation for you to experience the revitalizing and balancing effects of nature-infused breaks. It's more than a hashtag; it's a movement. A movement that celebrates well-being, encourages mindful pauses during your workday, and allows you to find solace in the warm embrace of nature.

Meet The Team

Perla Sofía Curbelo-Santiago

Madeleine Pesso

Master of garden breaks, founder of Agrochic, author of "¡Verdura! – Living a Garden Life", and certified in Horticulture Therapy from Chicago Botanic Garden.

Marketing Horticulturist Contributor, Certified in Horticulture Therapy from the Horticultural Therapy Institute.

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