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Frequently Asked Questions

What is exactly a garden break?

A garden break is an intentional and scheduled pause to connect with nature to help you relax, recharge, and transition from one physical, mental, and emotional state to another, so you can productively show up for the rest of your day. 


Is this concept backed by scientific data?

Yes. This idea is supported by the Attention Restoration Theory (ART), which suggests that exposure to nature not only increases life satisfaction but also enhances our focus and concentration.


Can anyone benefit from a garden break?

Yes. No matter who you are and how old are you, you can always benefit from an intentional pause and connect to nature.


Do all my garden breaks have to be outdoors?

No. You can adjust a garden break to your circumstances, whether you are indoors or outdoors. You can always bring nature to where you are. 


Do I need a lot of time to practice a garden break?

No. A garden break of 5, 15, or 30 minutes can do wonders for you and help you recharge for your next conquest. However, the more time you spend relaxing the merrier.  

Do I need to be alone for a garden break?

No. You can choose to share your garden break with someone else or a group. Make sure that others are sharing the same objectives as you. Any garden break activity can be adjusted depending on the participants.


What are some ideas for a garden break?

From birdwatching for just five minutes to a 30-minute handcrafting activity using pressed flowers. There are a lot of activities that you can do during your garden breaks. They will depend on your mood, time availability, and where you are. You can read here a list of garden break ideas that you can enjoy within a group or by yourself.


I oversee a group´s well-being; how can I share a garden break idea with my teammates?

Yes. Please do! As a team leader, you can suggest several activities to your teammates that encourage them to relax during their workday. You can read about or download some of our activity pages and adjust them for a team-building event to promote social connections within the group. 


If you need help trying to adjust and figure out a special event, we have your back! We are certified professionals in horticulture therapy and can help you customize an activity for your team and align with your objectives. Send us an email to coordinate a consultation service.


What services do you offer?

  • We offer online and in-person consultation on how to align any horticultural activity to your personal and professional objectives. 

  • We offer online and in-person workshops on the benefits of a #GardenBreak with guided fun activities.

  • We customized seasonal or yearly horticultural calendars, with specific activity recommendations, to help you plan meaningful nature-based activities, for yourself or your teammates. 

  • We offer periodical guidance for your company's ‘garden/nature club’. 

In which languages are your services provided?

We provide all our services in both English and Spanish.


Is all the #GardenBreak content for free?

Yes and no. Most of the content on our website is free for you to read and download, and we will always let you know when a payment is required. Although, we will ask you for an email address in exchange for access. Other content could be sponsored to keep them free. 


How can I keep updated on new content, products, and services?

You can subscribe here for free and join our #GardenBreak list so we will be able to send you periodical emails with the latest content for you to enjoy and relax. 

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