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Meet Madeleine Pesso,

a true advocate for the healing and enlightening power of gardens. She holds a degree in Horticulture and Horticultural Therapy from Colorado State University. Her unique fusion of horticultural expertise with insights into psychology and personal development has led her to the captivating world of marketing for green industries.

Madeleine first discovered the therapeutic potential of gardens while exploring holistic modalities such as herbalism and nutrition at a local community college. When she started her first balcony garden, cultivating vegetables, herbs, and an array of houseplants in her apartment, she experienced a profound sense of peace, reflection, community, and the acquisition of valuable life skills within these lush, thriving green spaces.

Throughout her career, Madeleine has passionately advocated for taking mindful breaks throughout the day and surrounding her workspace with an abundance of flowers and plants. Recognizing the ease with which one can fall into the routine of remaining desk-bound until lunchtime, she sets a timer to remind herself to step outside, tend to her garden, and embrace a brief garden respite.

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