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The practice of incorporating brief and enjoyable nature-based activities to effectively rechargeimprove overall well-being, and boost productivity.

Garden Break (n.):


Short, mindful activities, specially curated for various professionals in the workplace.




Welcome to #GardenBreak

At #GardenBreak, we are working professionals, who understand the demands that come with the average workday. We're here to assist you in uncovering tools that fortify your capacity to approach each day with your utmost potential.

Our mission is simple: to enhance your overall well being through mindful and fun nature-based activities. Whether you're tackling tasks in the office or working from home, we've been there too! That's why we're dedicated to the transformative power of nature. A simple step outdoors can connect you with a rush of dopamine, enhancing productivity and nurturing daily contentment.

We're committed to staying current and sharing the latest research on the benefits of nature, gardening, and mindfulness.

So join us, because no matter who you are and where your workplace is today, your #GardenBreak starts here.

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